Focus Group Findings

"This is the house of hope"- Outcomes of value as identified by people who experience mental health and addiction problems and the ways in which Peer Support Services support these outcomes, Kites Trust , 2014.

This report presents the key findings of focus groups that were held with people who use NGO peer support  services in Aotearoa 

Evaluating Peer Support Services - How good is good?

How Good is Good Rubric 

The rubric offers a stepped approach that demonstrates what would be expected to be seen if a service is minimally effective (baseline) through to highly effective (the gold standard).To progress through this stepped approach the previous step needs to be met.

We encourage Peer Support Services to use this rubric and welcome your feedback on its usefulness. 

Trial of Outcome Measures in Peer Support Services in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Experiences of Peer Support Services

Overall Findings Report 2015

Findings of Study to identify the resources and procedures that will support Peer Support Services to undertake ongoing evaluation

Overall final report